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The production execution of the single MCM production cell are coordinated by the jFMX supervision software that selects the work to be carried out on the basis of the workability and the urgency of the individual codes.

The production execution can be managed manually by acting on the activation of production tasks, priority parameters and enabling production units.

Alternatively jFMX can use a set production plan (automatically through the production planning service or manually by the production manager) to independently manage production.

The objective of respecting the indications provided by the plan, jFMX creates and deletes the production tasks related to the work to be carried out and dynamically changes the status, the priority and the enabling of the units.

The supervisor also indicates to the operator the resources necessary for the production execution set in terms of: parts, tools, equipment and programs, highlighting those to be prepared in different shifts.

The association of production tasks with the equipment present in the system, activates the automatic management of the workings. This performs the verification of the availability of the resources, the handling of the pallets and the execution of the workings, in total autonomy.

If the production plan foresees it, jFMX is able to manage the load of the pieces during the manned shift and to postpone the processing to the unattended one.

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